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Today's flavors

We update the flavors daily (sometimes many times a day). The flavors here are synchronized with the flavors we have on the board at the store.


Rose Oil & Yogurt
This unique gelato flavor combines the tangy richness of Bulgarian yogurt with the luxurious floral notes of organic Bulgarian rose oil, known as the most expensive oil in the world. The result is a creamy, aromatic treat that balances tartness and a subtle sweetness
Salted caramel
This luxurious gelato is the ideal balance of sweet yet salty and rich yet light. Made with our own caramel sauce.
Chocolate chip (Stracciatella)
This unbelievably creamy gelato is made of organic milk, farm-fresh cream, organic unrefined cane sugar, and chef's choice Organic Valrhona chocolate chips.
Delini Chocolate
Our own unique gelato recipe with gourmet French Chocolate, also Delina's favorite flavor
Chocolate and Hazelnut (Gianduia)
Made with 100% organic hazelnut paste made on-site and French Valrhona chocolate
Peach Sorbet
Refreshing sorbet made with Fresh Organic Yellow Peaches
Berry Sorbet
You will be hooked after one bite of this 100% Vegan flavor made of strawberries from Verrill farm & organic blueberries
Made with pure Organic Madagascar Vanilla beans, no extracts, no "natural" flavors
Creme Brulee
An amazing flavor made with Organic heavy cream, egg yolks, organic Madagascar vanilla beans, and sprinkled with our own made on-site crunchy caramel
Caramelized banana
Indulge in the creamy richness of caramel-infused gelato, perfectly complemented by the sweet essence of bananas.
Espresso gelato is a rich and creamy flavor of freshly brewed espresso. Its smooth texture and intense coffee notes make it a perfect treat for coffee lovers.
Honey Lavender
24-hour infusion with local Cape Cod Lavender, local Carlisle Honey, colored with real Butterfly pea flower

About our flavors

“If the flavors don’t sing with intensity, if the creaminess isn’t perfectly balanced, if our sorbet flavors don’t invigorate the palate, then it’s not Art of Gelato.”

Every flavor is created from its own unique and well-balanced recipe. Our quality, tradition and passion shines through. We never, ever use pre-made bases or mass-produced flavor pastes.

Like any great artist, the seasons inspire our laboratorio. From blueberries and stone fruits in the summer, to rich nut and chocolate-based creations in the winter.

At Delini gelato you’ll find 12 different flavors, crafted daily in small batches, using as many local and organic ingredients as possible and stored in traditional pozzetti cabinet.

Ice cream and gelato catering to help return-to-office initiative

Aug 2023

Offering catering services in offices is one of the strategies that some companies, not just in Boston but across the world, have adopted to encourage employees to return to the office. There are several reasons why companies may choose to provide catering ice cream and gelato as part of their return-to-office initiatives


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