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At Delini Gelato our job is to make people happy. Yes, we make amazing gelato with the very best, real ingredients. Everything is made from scratch, in-store, each and every day without using pre-made flavoring gelato pastes, powder gelato base mixes, hydrogenated fats, or corn syrups of any sort.

We always use the best basic, raw ingredients that are entirely free of artificial flavorings, colors, and preservatives.

Pure Local and Raw

We utilize traditional methods to ensure rich flavors and artistic presentation. We use locally sourced, organic ingredients from around the world which help us to make a unique blend of amazing gelato flavors.

Every item is made with care, and we are proud to serve them.

We believe that genuine food should be crafted by tradition, research, innovation, and emotion.

We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we love making them.

Shaping a responsible future

Compostable and biodegradable

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental aspect that is at the core of our business. We have decided to do our best to limit, in a decisive way, the use of materials that have a detrimental impact on the environment.

To do this, we have chosen to work only with compostable and biodegradable packaging for our products, thus ensuring easy disposal with consequent recycling or composting.

We carefully select only pure ingredients; we believe and stay behind our product. We don't need fancy prints and colorful boxes that are harmful to the environment to tell our story.

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Delini Gelato in chef Rober Irvine's magazine

An astonishing article by Katie Linendoll:
Full article and magazine link here

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Delini Gelato on NBC 10 Boston

In a time when many businesses couldn’t survive the mayhem caused by COVID-19 and closed their doors for good, Delini Gelato was born and is here to stay.

NBC 10 Boston invited us to share our story on opening a small family business during the Pandemic

Watch the full story, here.

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White chocolate gelato

Jun 2021

Our White chocolate gelato is made with Valrhona's very special Dulcey chocolate: buttery, toasty, with caramel flavors of shortbread.

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